1:1 Dipole Balun

Dipole and inverted-Vee antennas are "balanced" electrically about their feedpoints. Because coaxial feedlines are "unbalanced" by design, a balun should always be used when feeding wire antennas with coax to ensure proper antenna operation and optimum performance.

When coax is used to feed antennas without the benefit of a balun, current flows on the coaxial shield. This "shield current" can result in a "Hot Shack"' that is, unpleasant R.F. burns from the microphone to lips, hand key to fingers, etc., and is often more pronounced at certain frequencies. Shield currents can also have adverse and even damaging effects on equipment in the ham shack, causing false SWR readings, erratic equipment operation and television/telephone interference.

The Centaur B11W10-50 balun has been designed with three (3) stainless steel, 1/4" eye bolts. The top-most eye bolt is for suspending the balun, the remaining two (2) side eye bolts are for attaching the antenna elements to the balun. Additionally, the Centaur B11W10-50 balun incorporates two (2) 10-32 stainless steel binding posts with stainless steel wing nuts for making electrical connections from the antenna elements to the balun.

Photo By Denise K.


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