1:1 Yagi Balun

The Centaur Yagi Baluns are specifically designed to mount on a Yagi antenna boom.  Be sure to mount the Balun on the TOP side of the antenna boom with the balun's stainless steel dowell pins positioned directly upward.  This will ensure that the condensation drain holes on the opposite side of the balun will be at the lowest point for proper drainage of water.

Centaur Yagi Baluns come equipped with two stainless steel band clamps and two mounting pads to attach the balun.  The clamps will have predrilled keying holes which fit the stainless steel dowell pins.  Additionally, the mounting pads are included to prevent over tightening of the mounting bands.  Do not over tighten the mounting bands.

A Centaur 1:1 Yagi Balun is ideal for most beam antennas.  Typically fed with 50 ohm coax, the balun will provide a low SWR and allow maximum gain from a well tuned antenna.

Photo By Denise K.


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