Centaur Electronics B11 and B41 series baluns are made with durable ABS Plastic casings, all Stainless Steel hardware, Mil-C-17 windings and have a solid Nickel - Zinc - Ferrite core.  Many of our competitors out on the market use stuff as cheap as PVC which does nothing to contain spurious emissions and actually increases them when a pvc core is used.  Others use a tri-filer winding with a paper based core.  Although the paper based core stuff will probably do in a jam, there is no way to apply any serious power without sparking across the windings.  Once this happens, the smoke is usually let out of the balun and an new one needs to be purchased.

Centaur baluns come with a lifetime warranty.  If something goes wrong with one of our baluns, you just send it back (at no charge to you) and we send you a new one; no questions asked.  

Since we couldn't fit all of that balun into the little pint size packages that the "other guys" use, we had to make our baluns a little bigger.  This means that you can use ours for QRP or throwing flames off of the end of your antenna.  Our baluns are conservatively rated at 3Kw continuous.  Some of our competitors might not blow up until after 1Kw.

Before you make your purchase, ask about the warranty you'll get from the other balun makers (including the more expensive ones).  If it doesn't match our lifetime warranty, why would you even bother? 

When you're in the market for a balun, make sure you only buy it once.  There is a reason why we say "Centaur ... When Performance Counts"

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